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Free by the Sea is a nationally recognized comprehensive rehabilitation treatment center in Ocean Park, WA for those battling substance abuse and mental health disorders. With professional support, individuals in Alaska can achieve a life free of substance abuse, addiction and mental health disorders. We offer a co-occurring/dual diagnosis program to treat substance abuse and underlying mental health issues, so that recovery can be successful long-term.

Making the decision to seek help from a rehabilitation program can be an emotional struggle, but Free by the Sea helps you move through the admission process smoothly. Whether you are calling for yourself or for a loved one, you are treated with dignity and compassion. We understand how stressful and scary it can be, to find the right treatment center, we appreciate the leap of faith you have taken! Our admissions staff are here to help you start your process of recovery!

What Happens During Admission?

Before beginning recovery, there are a few things to be discussed. During your initial phone call, one of our Admissions Coordinators will go over our easy 3-step approval process – we get clinical, financial and medical approvals. We will collect your health insurance information or discuss our cash pay options with you. We will make arrangements to do our over the phone pre-screen, and/or if you have had a recent Chemical Dependency Evaluation or Psychiatric Evaluation done, we will want a copy for our clinical staff to review. We will collect medical information for our Medical Director to determine if we are medically appropriate to treat you, and finally, if detox is needed or not. If you need detox, not to worry, your Admissions Coordinator will help facilitate medical detox.

After the initial phone call, we will communicate with you through each of our approval processes, and map out our next steps in getting you or your loved one to Free by the Sea. We will answer your questions about our program, explain your insurance benefits, come to a financial agreement prior to admission, coordinate transportation to our facility, and if needed, get you placement in a medical detox program.

Once you or your loved one have been accepted to Free by the Sea, your Admissions Coordinator will review your financial agreement, finalize transportation plans, go over what and what not to bring with you, if necessary, review your plans for detox, and answer any final questions you may have.

Choosing Free by the Sea’s is choosing to take control of your life! Treatment is individualized to give you the best resources for long-term recovery. Contact us today for more information.