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Mission Statement

Our facility assists men and women of all ages across Alaska, including Anchorage and Juneau. Finding the right rehabilitation program is important to your recovery success. Free by the Sea, located in Ocean Park, WA, offers comprehensive dual diagnosis/co-occurring treatment for individuals suffering from addiction and mental health issues. Our staff offers support and guidance every step of the way.

What Is the Mission of Free by the Sea?

Free by the Sea has been serving the needs of individuals in Alaska with addiction problems for years, and our clients have had great success. With limited options close by, Alaskans have trusted us with their care, and we make it our mission to meet your expectations and provide an individualized approach to recovery. We understand that traveling from Alaska to our facility can have its challenges, which is why we help you with every step along the way.

If you’re in need of a short-term detox program before receiving treatment at our facility, we will assist you in finding the program that is best for you, and even help coordinate your admission. After completion, we will arrange transportation from the detox program to our facility, where you will be able to continue your recovery journey.

What Is the Vision of Free by the Sea?

Our commitment to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of those seeking recovery is our highest priority. By taking a holistic approach to treatment, individuals are given tools, skills, and methods to treat not just their addiction, but also the underlying causes of the addiction.

What Is the Goal of Free by the Sea?

From the minute you walk through our doors at Free by the Sea, we are invested in your recovery journey and want to see you succeed by using the skills and tools learned throughout treatment. Our staff honestly care about the individuals going through treatment, and they are ready to guide and support you in any way they can.

Contact Free by the Sea

Take the first step towards recovery by calling Free by the Sea, located in Ocean Park, WA. We are a nationally recognized rehabilitation center offering resources and treatment for you and your loved ones residing in Alaska. Addiction doesn’t just affect the person who is addicted. Our supportive and compassionate staff are ready to help you meet your goals and achieve recovery from your addiction. Contact us to speak with one of our counselors.