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Personality Disorder Treatment in Alaska

Personality disorders are a medical problem that affect both those suffering from the disorder and their loved ones. Focusing on a holistic approach to treating the disorder while battling an addiction will increase an individual’s chances of success during recovery. Located in Ocean Park, WA, Free by the Sea offers treatment options for those coping with mental illness and addiction.

Proudly serving residents in Alaska, including Anchorage and Juneau.

What Is a Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders vary depending on individual environment and genetic influences, and usually develop gradually over time. Symptoms can appear during adolescence when the brain chemistry and hormones change. Sudden angry outbursts are common in those with a personality disorder. Oftentimes, a person will use drugs or alcohol to cope with the emotional outbursts.

People with personality disorders may feel alone due to their anger, or experience conflicts continuously at work or school. Destructive thoughts and behaviors prevent a person from changing, meaning that they need help to overcome their disorder. Professional rehabilitation treatment can alleviate the symptoms of a personality disorder and increase recovery success.

Personality disorders fall into three main categories:

  • Cluster A – Odd or Eccentric Behavior
  • Cluster B – Dramatic, Emotional, or Erratic Behavior
  • Cluster C – Anxious or Fearful Behavior

What Personality Disorders Are Associated with Cluster A?

The personality disorders that fall under the Cluster A category are those featuring odd or eccentric behavior. Common Cluster A personality disorders include:

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder: Individuals who are distrustful or suspicious of others and believe they are unfaithful or disloyal, leading to angry or guarded behavior.
  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder: A person who often feels uncomfortable around others in a social setting, resulting in inappropriate behavior or paranoia.
  • Schizoid Personality Disorder: Individuals who worry constantly about their own feelings, thoughts, and emotions, causing them to appear withdrawn and misreading social cues.

What Personality Disorders Are Associated with Cluster B?

Cluster B personality disorders are those who exhibit dramatic, emotional, or erratic behavior. Typical personality disorders of Cluster B are:

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder: A person who is unfeeling and negligent when causing harm to others.
  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder: An individual who exaggerates achievements to insight praise from others. They aren’t able to accept their failures and desperately need to feel powerful and successful.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder: A person who exhibits violent and impulsive behavior, seeks attention, and has mood swings.

What Personality Disorders Are Associated with Cluster C?

Those with anxious or fearful behavior fall into the Cluster C personality disorders. Cluster C disorders include:

  • Avoidant Personality Disorder: Individuals who take criticism personally and are shy or anxious in social situations.
  • Dependent Personality Disorder: A person who needs constant support and reassurance from others and can’t make decisions. Often they stay in abusive relationships because they are fearful of rejection and are submissive.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder: Someone who is a control freak, exhibits extreme stubbornness, and is a perfectionist.

Why Choose Free by the Sea?

Free by the Sea is a beautiful campus, located on the Long Beach Peninsula in Ocean Park, WA. Our community of dedicated professionals are committed to provide care to all individuals with dignity and respect. Client centered care respectful of individual needs and concerns is the foundation of our approach. We adhere to evidence-based practices which are focused on successful outcomes for long term recovery. Services provided include:

  • 77 treatment beds.
  • Masters level addiction counselors.
  • High quality evidence-based addiction treatment, including gambling.
  • DBT, CBT, EMDR and trauma informed treatment addresses underlying issues of addiction that include depression, anxiety, self-esteem and relationships.
  • Relapse Prevention, Life Skills, Addiction education provided in groups and individual sessions
  • Twelve step meetings include celebrate recovery, wellbriety, dual disorder and AA/NA/GA
  • We offer residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care.
  • Peaceful and safe setting located on five acres facing the Pacific Ocean.
  • Multi-sport areas that include volleyball/basketball courts and an exercise room.
  • Nutritionally designed meals to restore health

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Personality disorders are crippling and cause problems for the person suffering with the disorder and their loved ones. If you’re residing in Alaska, contact Free by the Sea to learn more about our individualized treatment plans that help those with personality disorders overcome their addictions while taking control of their disorder.

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Quitting an addiction when a person has a personality disorder is extremely hard and requires professional help. Our staff out of Ocean Park, WA treats each client with respect and supports them every step of the way in the recovery process. Contact us today and learn how to cope with your disorder and addiction.