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Success Stories

Please take a moment to read what our residents are saying about our care:

“My struggle with addiction has been the most challenging experience I have ever endured. The family pain I caused and the depth of self-afflicted destruction was rapid and swift. I went from smoking cigarettes – to pot smoking – to drinking alcohol – to using drugs, all of which wrote for me a life story I will never forget.” ~Anonymous

“By the time I came to Free By The Sea I was knee-deep in depression and regret. I was at the lowest point in my life. Free By The Sea offered me a new vision and newfound hope. I have been to three different in-patient facilities and never have I been gifted with the awareness I found while at Free By The Sea. I have learned so much, the most significant being the connection between my life experiences and my addiction. I have received an amazing amount of support from my peers and staff, but most importantly I have developed and nurtured a deeper relationship with my Higher Power.”~Anonymous

“I have much hope and many dreams for my future. I will continue my recovery by using the tools I have acquired and applying the 12-step program in my daily life. I will continue learning how to live life to my fullest potential. Most of all I will continue nurturing self-love and self-acceptance. I will do this and so much more, and with God’s help I know I will succeed.” ~Anonymous

“I went to Free over 1 year ago, I was broken and afraid. They picked me up off the ground and helped rebuild me into the man I am today. This treatment center is the best and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for help with drugs and alcohol. Extremely qualified staff, beautiful facility and lovely surroundings. When walking in, you would have no idea you are there for treatment. It is more like an oasis. But with that being said, they have group therapy daily, individual therapy 3 times a week, classes on addiction, recovery, relapse prevention, etc….. There are so many wonderful things to say about this place, but mostly, I learned so much about my own addiction and found how to over come it and live a life without drugs and alcohol. I am forever grateful for them. I have over 1 year sober and owe it to Free By The Sea.” ~Frank J.

“Free by the Sea was able to address things in my life that I have struggled with for over 16 years! I have been through several other programs trying to address these issues, but have been unsuccessful. Free by the Sea simultaneously addressed my addiction issues as well as 3 mental health disorders in which I have been seeing Psychiatrist and other doctors most of my life trying to get them under control. The physician immediately understood me and my issues, and put me on the right kind of medications for my disorders that i have been suffering from and self medicating the symptoms, and in turn caused my addiction issues for the past 16 years. I have been trying to get these disorders resolved for as long as I can remember and they were able to do this at Free by the Sea in only 60 days! Not only are my needs met, but I cannot thank them enough for also helping me get my family back in my life.” ~Jennifer

“Free by the Sea went above and beyond what I’d ever expected. All of the staff at Free by the Sea truly cares about each person that walks through the door and will love you until you can learn to love yourself. They provided stellar treatment from the mental health providers that saw me on a regular basis and taught me DBT and CBT skills (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy & Cognitive Behavioral therapy) to use on a daily basis, to the specialized doctor that taught me how to have healthy relationships with others in my life and that I’m not abnormal for having experienced the different things that I did throughout my life. Last but not least, the family program that allowed my family to develop healthy relationships and educated them on enabling and other co-dependent behaviors.” Free by the Sea puts so much into every little detail of ones treatment. Amazing food! Amazing rooms! Amazing Grounds! Amazing staff!” ~Rob

“This place believed in me, gave me a chance when I had nowhere else to turn, gave me my life back, treated me with respect and taught me that I was worth it. Thanks to the inpatient program, I was able to find myself again and learn how to live clean and sober. Thanks to the IOP and sober living program, I was able to obtain life skills and focus on my recovery until I was able to secure a job and move out on my own. All because they believed in me. I cannot say enough about the place that helped save my life, and gave me a chance to enjoy life again.” ~Jesten

“My son went to Free By The Sea in July 2015 and stayed for 50 days. The facility was clean and well maintained. The staff were caring and knowledgeable. The med room is locked and staffed at all times and the staff in charge of medications are all credentialed and very caring. The facility schedule for residents is structured and allows for just the right combination of free time and rehabilitation work. There is a gym at the facility and exercise is encouraged. Counselors are credentialed and rehearsed in the process of drug rehabilitation. Residents are strongly encouraged to interact with one another and the process of clean & sober communication is fostered in a healthy way at all times. My son’s stay started him on the road to a better future and we are very thankful for the team of professionals at Free by the Sea!” ~Appreciative Mom